The Same Community On the Inside

MCCF Family and Friends,

Morrisville Community CrossFit is moving at the end of 2016.  If you haven’t heard, then this is my way of getting the word out to many of you.  I am now the sole owner of Morrisville Community CrossFit.  Through this change of ownership, our current landlord took this opportunity to not renew our lease after 2016.  With the increase of property value in Morrisville, we are paying well under what our current space is worth and the landlord took the ownership change of MCCF as a chance to increase his monthly revenue.  Money talks and I can’t fault our landlord for making a business decision that will positively impact his bottom line.

With that decision made, I had to find a new place for MCCF to keep WODing in 2017 and beyond.  Over the past few months, I have come to find out why we are the only CrossFit in Morrisville, NC.  Space is expensive to get up to code and even more expensive to rent.  With the short timeline and with keeping in budget, I finally found a space that is comparable in size.  This space is located at the intersection of Miami Boulevard and TW Alexander.   Presidential Park West-2933 S. Miami Boulevard-Building 102-Space 126 is the new address of Morrisville Community CrossFit.  The lease is for 7 years.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably see some things moving from our current home to our new home.  The plan is to not interrupt most of our classes during this transition.  The week between Christmas and New Years is when I plan to get the large part of the move done.  This is where I will need the awesome MCCF community to step up!  When we opened MCCF, there were 3-10 people helping at various times to move equipment and place mats.  With your help, I know we can get all of it done quicker!  Being a part of building a new Box is fun and an awesome community building activity.  As the time gets closer, more details will be available.  This will be our home for the next few years.  These are very exciting times with a lot of positive changes on the horizon!  On the outside, we will be different, but the same Morrisville Community CrossFit that we have grown to love will continue to be the same, both in name and on the inside.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or ask me in person.

Thank you for helping me build a dream!

Owner/Head Coach
Morrisville Community CrossFit