Crossfit at MCCF provides a fun, professional, and supportive community that keeps me motivated to push myself and set physical goals. The gains I’ve achieved show the commitment of the coaches to helping me achieve each goal. I’ve gained confidence in the gym that bleeds into every other aspect of my life. Crossfit has become an essential part of my routine, and I can’t see myself ever stopping.

Sean W. on how MCCF and CrossFit changed his life and health for the better.

Great place to build personal excellence from exceptional coaches. They provide amazing programming and truly care to teach their athletes.

Jennifer T. on coaching and programming at MCCF.

I like MCCF for many reasons; the staff is knowledgeable and professional, the environment is friendly and welcoming, and the workouts kick my a$$! This being my first experience with Crossfit, I know that I am in the great hands of capable coaches, and that my well being, safety and goals are #1 to them. Thanks MCCF!

Trace E. on his first experience with CrossFit and the atmosphere at MCCF.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of generous & sweet people. Thank you to everyone that’s made this weekend happen; to the rides, last min. change & fix, to food, housing, and to just being out there cheering us on. I’m so appreciative and often have not been in situations when others are there for you.
Thank you for the experience!

Talesha R. on her experience during her first team competition and the support from the MCCF community.

I joined Morrisville for a few months before moving out of the area. Knowing that I was not going to be a long term client didn’t matter to the coaching staff. They gave me all the attention and necessary coaching any other athlete would expect. A great community focused facility that has a wide range of equipment including Olympic lifting platforms, a huge rig and tons of strong man equipment. So glad that I was able to train there. My only regret is that I wish I had found this crossfit box earlier!

Brian C. on how he got excellent coaching and attention despite being a short-time member.

Dropped into a Saturday morning class to check things out. Everyone was, of course, friendly, polite, and focused on the workout. One of the owners, Jonathan, was nice enough to set me up, encourage me through the workout, and even take some time with me after the workout, completely unsolicited, to answer any questions I had. Clean gym, top quality equipment, great website, hard working community of people…pretty much everything you want from a box. This place and the staff are truly first class and rank #1 to me when compared to the other 5 boxes that I have visited in the area.

Tom P. on his drop-in experience in comparison to other boxes.  Everyone at MCCF gets the same attention.

I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am on behalf of West Raleigh Baseball!! What you guys did in the last 24 hours was one of the coolest things I have seen anyone do in such a unique expedited fashion. All of you athletes (including my wife) brownie point* just proved teamwork at it’s finest. The young ball players of West Raleigh are truly lucky to call MCCF as one of their Sponsors. Without even have met these kids you went out of your way to contribute to their aspiring dream to becoming a Big Leaguer. It takes a certain type of character and unity to make these dreams come true. They may not understand it now but I do. I’ll be sure to send the message loud and clear to them in a way they will understand. After playing professional baseball for a long time I thought there could never be such a camaraderie that could equal those experiences, however Crossfit showed me otherwise and has made for an easy transition to life after baseball. Again I’m flattered by this community and your box for going the extra mile. The MCCF “Marlins” will wear your name proud! Not only forging functional fitness but forging young lives so they to can have a chance to be great! Thanks again for your contribution. West Raleigh Baseball will inherit this relationship in high regard. You guys ROCK!!!

Ronnie M. on how MCCF is truly based on Community and our ability to help out those in need.