jonathan-the-head-coachOver the years, I have seen others benefit from CrossFit in various fashions with an unwavering passion and motivation to make a positive change in their lives given the opportunity, ability, and support from their CrossFit community. As the Founder of MCCF, my desire is to provide you (yes, you!) with the opportunity to improve your health, fitness and life in a highly functional and well-equipped space. In some cases, such opportunities may also extend beyond the walls of the box (ex., 5k, mud runs, rock climbing, cycling) via community-based activities among fellow athletes with such common interests.

At MCCF, we and our fellow athletes have built a community-based, all-inclusive, home-away-from-home which fosters universal, functional fitness that caters to all athletes. We firmly believe that everyone is able to participate in CrossFit, and will be able to do so given the range in programming and ancillary support offered at MCCF. With no doubt, the MCCF box, its professionally trained coaches, and its vibrant community provides the encouragement, accountability and support needed to foster a healthy atmosphere for fellow athletes and friends to further improve their lives day-in and day-out. Please join us!