Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 200209

Weightlifting: Bench Press and Pull-Ups
MetCon: Ring Dips, Pull-Ups and Hang Power Clean and Jerks
Post WOD: Crossover Symmetry

Weightlifting: Deadlifts and Lunges
MetCon: Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Lateral Over the Bar Jump Lunges and
Shuttle Runs
Post WOD: Strict Toes To Bars

MetCon: Deadlifts, Cleans, Burpees, Toes to Bars and Running
Post WOD: GHD Hip Extensions

MetCon: Dumbbell Power Snatches and Sit-Ups
Weightlifting: Snatch Pull, Hang Snatch and Snatch
MetCon: Power Snatches and Clap Push-Ups
Post WOD: Crossover Symmetry

MetCon: Dumbbell Thrusters and Box Step-Ups
Weightlifting: Clean Pull, Hang Clean and Jerk
MetCon: Thrusters, Ring Muscle-Ups, and Box Jumps
Post WOD: Ring Rows