Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 1801014

This week, we will start into a new Olympic Cycle and Barbell Conditioning Cycle.  Notes will say specifically if the reps are Touch and Go Reps or to focus on Consistent set-up and movement.  As usual, extra time outside of WODs, warming up shoulders and stretching them out are a good idea.  This week will have 3 days of MetCon/Weightlifting/MetCon and 2 Days of Weightlifting, then MetCon.

Monday:  Power Clean and Push Press will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will have Double Unders, Sit-Ups, Burpees and Overhead Squats.  The Post WOD will be Clean Pulls from below the knee.

Tuesday:  Wallballs and Kettlebell Swings will start the day.  The Weightlifting will be Touch and Go Power Cleans.  The 2nd MetCon will have Deadlifts, Clap Push-Ups and Lateral Over the Bar Jump Lunges.  The Post WOD will be a 50 Calorie Row.

Wednesday:  Back Squats will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will have Front Squats, Toes to Bars, Pull-Ups and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.  The Post WOD will be Toe Nail Transitions and Pistols.

Thursday:  An AMRAP of Dumbbell Power Snatches and Overhead Squats will be before a Power Snatch/Overhead Squat Complex in Weightlifting.  Then 2nd MetCon will have Running and Box Over Burpees.  The Post WOD will be Snatch Pulls from below the knee.

Friday:  The Weightlifting will be Hang Power Snatches/Power Snatches and Overhead Squats.  The MetCon will have Running and Thrusters.  The Post WOD will be Bench Press.