Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 171617

This week, we will be working to 1 Reps on Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Clean and Overhead Squats.  Weightlifting will come before the MetCons on all days except 1.  We will have 1 day of a long MetCon.

Monday:  Snatch will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will be an AMRAP of Chest to Bar Pull-Ups and Box Jumps.  The Post WOD will be a 50 Calorie Row.

Tuesday:  Clean and Jerk will be before a MetCon of Wallballs and Weighted Running.  The Post WOD will be GHD Sit-Ups.

Wednesday:  Weightlifting will be Cleans.  An AMRAP of Double Unders, Toes to Bar and Back Squats will follow.  The Post WOD will be Russian Twists.

Thursday:  There will be a long MetCon of Rowing, Running Burpees and Deadlifts.  The Post WOD will be Dumbbell Curls.

Friday:  Overhead Squats will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will be Sit-Ups and Hang Power Snatches.  The Post WOD will be Planks.