Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 170813

This week will have 3 Days of Weightlifting, then MetCon and 2 Days of MetCon/Weightlifting/MetCon.

Monday:  Monday will start off with Snatch and that will be followed by a MetCon with Pull-Ups and Toes to Bar before establishing a 2 RM Thruster.  The Post WOD will be Snatch Pulls

Tuesday:  Deadlift, Week 3 of Coan, will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon that follows will have Hang Power Cleans, Squat Jumps and Running.  The Post WOD will be Seated Vertical Jumps

Wednesday:  The first MetCon will be an AMRAP of Shoulder Taps and Wallballs.  The Weightlifting will be Bench Press.  The AMRAP to follow will have Dumbbell STOH, Step-Ups and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.  The Post WOD will be Matador Dips.

Thursday:  The Weightlifting will be Back Squat.  Front Squats, Double Unders and Running will be the MetCon that follows.  The Post WOD will be Drop to Broad Jumps.

Friday:  Overhead Squats, STOH and Thrusters will be the first MetCon.  Weightlifting will be Clean and Jerk. An AMRAP of Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squats, Sit-Ups and Jump Lunges will follow.  The Post WOD will be Clean Pulls