Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 170730

We are starting our new Powerlifting Cycle.  We will change our focus to Squatting, Deadlifting, Bench Press, and Strict Press, with our secondary focus on Olympic Lifts.  As with the last cycle, the Post WODs will help with maximizing the benefit from this strength program.  If you have the time and energy, work on them.  The Post WODs will have some new movements that come from speed, power and agility programs.  If you have time and energy work on these new skills.

This week will have 2 Days of MetCon/Weightlifting/Metcon and 3 Days of Weightlifting, then MetCon.

Monday:  The AMRAP to start will have Wallballs and Sit-Ups.  Front Squats will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon to follow will be an EMOM of Deadlifts, Hang Cleans, and STOH.  The Post WOD will be Chin-Ups.

Tuesday:  Deadlift will be the Weightlifting.  An AMRAP of Kettlebell Swings, Box Jumps, Running and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups will follow.  The Post WOD will be Seated Vertical Jumps.

Wednesday:  The first MetCon will have Dumbbell Power Snatches and Overhead Squats.  The Weightlifting will be Pause Snatches and Snatches.  The Post WOD will be Snatch Grip Shrugs.

Thursday:  Bench Press will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will have Push-Up Plank Shoulder Taps, Ring Dips, Toes To Bar, Front Squats and Burpees.

Friday:  Weightlifting, to start, will be Back Squats.  An AMRAP of Pistols, Hang Power Cleans, Front Rack Lunges and Rope Climbs will follow.  The Post WOD will be Drop to Broad Jumps.