CrossFit Acronyms

First of all, what’s an acronym??  Second, why do we care what CrossFit acronyms are?  According to the Merriam and the Webster, an acronym is a word formed from the first letters of each one of the words in a phrase.  CrossFit loves acronyms or bunching letters together to make it faster to say, because CrossFit is all about more work, faster!  This is an effort to make WOD titles and descriptions shorter.  Understanding these abbreviations may help you understand your workout a little easier.   This is a rundown of some that you might see at Morrisville Community CrossFit.

AHAP=As Heavy As Possible

AMRAP=As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible


CFHQ=CrossFit HeadQuarters

CFL=CrossFit Light

C2B=Chest to Bar


EMOM=Every Minute On the Minute.  A number can be added to signify what minute.  EMO2M=Every Minute on the 2nd Minute.

GHD=Glute Ham Developer

GPP=General Physical Preparedness

HSPU=HandStand Push-Ups

MetCon=Metabolic Conditioning

OHS=Overhead Squat

PR=Personal Record

PB=Personal Best

RM=Repetition Maximum

STOH-Shoulder To OverHead

TTB or T2B=Toes To Bar


WOD=Workout Of the Day

Hope this helps out!