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Alex is 27 years old and a big Carolina Hurricanes fan. Case in point, she named her cat (whom she recently adopted) Noah Hanifin II. She recently graduated from a Masters program in Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill in May. She currently works at the Duke Medical Center Library as a Research Impact Librarian, but will be job hunting once her contract is completed. Alex (somewhat) enjoys running and has recently started using an interval...

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Chuck and Trish

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Chuck was born in South Carolina, but his dad’s military background brought them to North Carolina (Cherry Point) when he was a small child. Trish was born in Switzerland and lived there until her family decided to move to the US when she was 12. She has a dual citizenship and can impressively speak Polish, German and English. Chuck & Trish got married in 2008. She has an accounting job and Chuck works in IT & Development. They...

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  Ms. Vickie has been a prominent member of Morrisville Community Crossfit for two years this coming August. She started in the Crossfit Light program and transitioned to CrossFit the end of last year. Ms. Vickie works in finance at the Environmental Protection Agency, but she also served in the Air Force for ten years. One would definitely say she is a Crossfitter as she told me that she talks about Crossfit daily with her co-workers. Ms...

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