Blast On Friday


Due to the threat of severe weather, all CrossFit and CrossFit Light Classes are canceled Thursday night (2/6/20).

Morrisville Community CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

1 Round of:

12 Lat Activates

12 PVC Passthroughs

12 PVC Overhead Squats

12 PVC Sotts Press

12 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatch

12 Push-Ups


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 6 Minutes of:

10 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)

10 Hand Release Push-Ups


9 Minute Time Cap. This is a Hang Power Snatch Ladder for time. One Bar and add weights after finishing the rep requirement. Start with the bar loaded.

Hang Power Snatch (10 55%)

Hang Power Snatch (8 65%)

Hang Power Snatch (6 75%)

Hang Power Snatch (6 85%)

Hang Power Snatch (2 90%)


Target is 5 Minutes or less. Time Cap is 7 Minutes.

Metcon (Time)

30 Overhead Squats (115/85)

60 Pull-Ups
Overhead Squats should be completed in 3 sets or less. Scale pull-ups to 20 Jumping Pull-Ups, 20 Banded Strict Pull-Ups and 20 Ring Rows.

Post WOD Skill/Strength

50 Calorie Airbike (Time)

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