Programming: The Week Ahead at MCCF 180408

This week will have 2 Days of Weightlifting, then MetCon, 2 Days of Long MetCons, and 1 Day of MetCon/Weightlifting/MetCon.

Monday:  A Snatch Complex will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon will have Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches and Toes to Bar.  The Post WOD will be Snatch Grip Shrugs.

Tuesday:  A Long MetCon of Running, Air Bike, Rope Climbs, Thrusters, Double Unders and Burpees.

Wednesday:  Wallballs will be in the first MetCon.  The Weightlifting will be Front Squats.  The AMRAP to follow will have Deadlifts and Pull-Ups.  The Post WOD will be Bent Over Rows.

Thursday:  A long AMRAP of Rowing, Kettlebell Box Step Ups, Sit Ups and Overhead Squats.  The Post WOD will be Toe Nail Transitions.

Friday:  A Clean and Jerk Complex will be the Weightlifting.  The MetCon that follows will have Hang Power Clean and Jerks, Box Jumps, and Handstand Push-Ups.  The Post WOD will be Clean Grip Shrugs.